Book Review – Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book really do save us, don’t they? During the rough couple of days I’ve just been through, Black Sun‘s light was so striking – I’m in awe. Don’t you love it when books just creep up on you without you even noticing? When the real world, that asshole, calls you back, and you suddenly realize how painful taking a break feels? Because god, my love for this book felt so sneaky.

Today he would become a god. His mother had told him so.

Dont get me wrong – Getting captivated was so effortless : from the first line of the excellent prologue, I was in, yet I didn’t know how much I had fell utterly in love before having to stop in order to grade my students papers. How I resented that.

So here are 4 reasons why you need to read Black Sun:

Read it for the A+ writing that flows so easily that you crave for more. It’s so compelling and served by an excellent pacing. Just excellent. The alternative POV were frustrating at times, but successful ones usually are, aren’t they? You’re so engrossed in a POV that you resent leaving it… until the very next page, that is, when you’re swept up in the next one already.

“Usually,” Xiala said carefully, “when someone describe a man as harmless, he ends up being a villain.”

Definitely read it for the fascinating characters. Every one of them is so well-rounded, jumping from the page : from Serapio, a blind man who wants to carve houses from wood for his crows (MY HEART), and oh, right, who can kill you in a blink because he’s actually a god, to Naranpa, whose ascension to priest of the sun makes navigate her life a dangerous task indeed, not to mention Xiala the Teek, my favorite, a mermaid-like sailor who can sing you to submission but probably won’t – I adored them all. Even secondary characters never failed to interest me. Truly an achievement.

When he spoke, his voice was a rumble, a dark beating of wings.”Men die.”

▪ If anything, you should read it because the world building, inspired by pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas, is nothing short of fantastic. If you’re like me and have read your fair share of high fantasy novels throughout the years, you’re probably sick tired of pseudo-medieval(slash)patriarchal(slash)heteronormative Europe inspired worlds. I know I am. None of that tired crap here, and as the author said in her credit notes, fantasy novels need not be set in a fake England in order to be considered epic – and thanks god for that. From the folk tales to the bustling cities, the beliefs systems and the intricate – but never boring – descriptions, the world Rebecca Roanhorse offers us is so very detailed and enthralling, you’ll love it, I’m sure of it. Just know that it’s very dark at times, okay? (see list of content warning at the bottom of my review)

There are only two kinds of men : ones who betray you sooner and ones ho betray you later. – Teek saying

▪ I’m sorry but you just HAVE to read it for the queer representation – whether they’re trans, non-binary or bisexual, the way characters are introduced is so very casual, it was so refreshing. Again, and I know I’m repeating myself, but I loved how effortless it felt – it just rang true.

To sum up – reading Black Sun felt like rushing behind a snowball steadily gaining momentum until the nerve-racking finale, and I can’t recommend this fantastic experience enough. Brilliant, really. I know I need more.

CW : blood, violence, gore, death, mourning of a loved one, ableism from a parent, self harm, allusion to suicide, mention of child prostitution, guardian/parental abuse


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20 thoughts on “Book Review – Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

  1. I’m so excited for this!! I got the audiobook ARC a while ago but I still haven’t managed to read it because I *know* it’s going to be so good and I want to be in a good place (mentally) to enjoy it!

    Also look at you posting twice in one day fhdslfhs I’m proud of you! ♥

    1. Omg THANK YOU 🥰 You know that I’ve wanted to post it for a couple of hours now and BERATED myself because wellllllll we’re not supposed to post so much in one day, yknow? But oh well, I should accept that I’m gonna do this lmao.

      Also IT’S SO GOOD SILVIA!!!! SO GOOD! It actually made me want to read fantasy again after so many months without approaching any fantasy book?? It’s that good 😭 But now I need the sequel so badly 😭😭😭

      1. 🥺🥺 that’s so cool, sometimes a book can really remind you of why you love a genre ahhh i love when that happens and I’m so glad this one did that for you 🥰🥰

    2. I’ve been hearing so many great things about this book! I went to the local bookstore to ask if they have a copy of Black Sun. Sadly, they do not and I’ve been requesting this for months!!! Ugh 😩

  2. YES EXACTLY!!! The thing is, when we read a lot in a genre we tend to notice (and despise) common places more, you know? Black Sun felt so refreshing in that aspect!

  3. I love this book so much! Great review!
    The fanart for this book is also phenomenal which I think is always a great added bonus!! I am so excited for the sequel.

  4. Yes why does fantasy have to be these medieval sexist homophobic worlds for? I dont want that in my fantasy books, when you can literally make up anything and you decide to go back to the dark ages like why?
    This book sounds so good.

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