It’s Finally Game Time ! My Favorite Video Games of 2020

Adulthood is such a pain sometimes, you know? Along the years it’s been harder and harder to balance my hobbies and since I’ve started working as a teacher, 8 years ago, I’ve barely played any video games. But!! Even though 2020 was a cursed year in many ways, it’s also the year when I finally (!!) started playing video games again, and it makes me so happy! Today I’m going to talk about the games that made me fall in love with playing again. Let’s start!

1. Hollow Knight

  • Developer/Publisher : Team Cherry
  • Release date : 24 Feb, 2017
  • Genre : Metroidvania
  • Difficulty : +++
  • Rating : PEGI 7

Ah, Hollow Knight. I’ve played it twice now (on Switch and on computer) and I can’t stop singing its praises : it’s just that wonderful. From the atmosphere – the art is so beautiful and I’m forever in love with the soundtrack, okay? I listen to it all the time – to the challenges we face at every turn, playing it felt such an exhilarating experience.

Yep. Literally this.

I loved getting lost into this world, which is quite funny because I hate insects as a whole, but *shrugs* they were so cute here – even though some of them pissed me off : I’m looking at you, stalking devouts! *shivers*. Bottom line: Slowly uncovering Hollow Knight lore was wonderful and I cannot wait for Hollow Knight : Silksong!

2. Dark Souls : Remastered

  • Developer/Publisher : QLOC/FromSoftware
  • Release date : 24 May, 2018
  • Genre : A-RPG
  • Difficulty : +++
  • Rating : PEGI 16

Again, a game that challenged me but I adored that, because I’m a bit masochistic with my games or something? I’ve stopped playing in 2012, so even though I’ve always had a soft spot for A-RPGs, I had never played a game from the Dark Souls franchise before. Well, now I have and it certainly won’t be the last!

3. Spiritfarer

  • Developer/Publisher : Thunder Lotus Games
  • Release date : 18 Aug, 2020
  • Genre : Adventure, Simulation
  • Difficulty : + (you’ll still cry though)
  • Rating : PEGI 12

I could talk about how fun building my boat and exploring the world was, but the most important is : this game broke my heart, okay? I can’t even listen to the soundtrack without tearing up (and I mean yes, of course I do, duh). Yet no matter how sad it was at times, I don’t regret playing it for one second : it’s such a heartwarming and altering experience, and in the end, I felt so hopeful.

4. Hades

  • Developer/Publisher : Supergiant Games
  • Release date : 17 Sep, 2020
  • Genre : Action Roguelike
  • Difficulty : ++
  • Rating : PEGI 12

If I had to choose a game most likely to please readers, I’d pick this one without doubt. First of all : it’s so damn funny??? I’m not really into rogue-likes usually, because I tend to find them repetitive but the way Hades unfolded was perfect and I wasn’t bored, not for one second. I have yet to finish it, actually, and I can’t wait to dive into Zagreus’ world once again. One thing, though :

Yeah, sorry, it’s in French because well, I’m French

What do you mean by : only 35.2% of players on steam PET CERBERUS 10 TIMES? Are you people without heart? Dear god.

CW – Blood

5. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

  • Developer/Publisher : Moon Studios GmbH/Xbox Game Studios
  • Release date : 11 Mar, 2020
  • Genre : Metroidvania
  • Difficulty : +
  • Rating : PEGI 7

I mean, would you look at the art? 😍 As far as Metroidvania games go, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is firmly on the easy (and quick) side, but I enjoyed exploring its world so much that I can’t hold a grudge. If you want to escape the real world for a few hours, I definitely recommend it.

6. Grim Dawn

  • Developer/Publisher : Crate Entertainment
  • Release date : 25 Feb, 2016
  • Genre : Hack ‘n’ slash
  • Difficulty : Well, it depends – the normal difficulty is fairly easy, but beating the celestial bosses in Ultimate will be something else altogether!

This one’s special to me because I played it with my partner, who is an assiduous player of hack ‘n’ slash games (and who farmed so many items for me 💕). The various skills and classes made for a really fun experience, I loved it!

Honorable mentions

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey : I have a rule when AC games are concerned : I never play to several of them in a row, because yeah, they’re repetitive. This one, though, was really fun and I enjoyed wandering around Greece so much! (I have yet to finish all the side-quests, but that’s another story)
  • Animal Crossing New Horizons : My first Animal Crossing game, and my savior of April, 2020. Sometimes I feel bad thinking about all the villagers I abandoned on my island, but oh well.
  • Salt and Sanctuary : I wasn’t sold on the graphics at first, but I had a blast playing this metroidvania/soul like game!

Have you played any of these games? What are your favorite games/genres? Let’s discuss in the comments!

23 thoughts on “It’s Finally Game Time ! My Favorite Video Games of 2020

  1. This was so fun to read! They all look amazing but I’m inexplicably drawn to Spiritfarer and Hades – I will have to check those out. I’ve seen Ori and the Will of the Wisps because I recognize the beautiful art, so I guess this is a sign I need to try it soon. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I’m so glad you liked it 💕 And I feel you, Spiritfarer and Hades are so special in their own way, do let me know if you ever try them! Ori’s art is wonderful, right? That’s what first drove me to it. Plus it’s fun!

  2. I haven’t played any of these, but I enjoy watching speedruns of Ori and Hollow Knight. Lately I’ve been playing Stardew Valley and Divinity: Original Sin. Spiritfarer sounds like one that I should pick up, though!

      1. I really like Divinity! It’s got a fun plot and I like the gameplay style. Though (as with most RPGs) it’s a long game. I played it before closer to the release date, but never finished it because I tried to do ALL the side-quests, LOL. I’m re-playing it now and hope to finish it this time.

      2. Oh, I feel you. I LOVE RPGs (the Elder Scroll games were my first gaming loves when I was a teen) but I always have to consciously stop myself from taking allll the side-quests at once lmao.

      3. I still love the Elder Scroll games! I’ve been waiting impatiently for the next one. Though, I suppose I should go back and finish Skyrim, too. I got caught up in the side quests and never finished the main quest. 😉

  3. I don’t play games very much but your reviews make them so enticing! You said it broke your heart and I still wanted to watch the trailer anyway. Spiritfarer made me so sad without even playing it! That soundtrack! I can see why you wrote that you cannot listen to it without tearing up. Music from the trailer at the end was already quite sad. Also, the graphics for Ori and the Will of the Wisps are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! And YES, I do tear up when I’m watching the trailer, too. I’ve never played a game like that, ever 😭

      Ori’s games (the first and this one) have this fairy-tale quality that make them so damn beautiful 😍

  4. Great selection of games, especially glad to see Hollow Knight up there! Ori is one that I really need to start playing already, and Grim Dawn has also been on the wishlist for too long. Was a very fun read as well ^^

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