First Line Friday #1 – Let’s guess!

Hi everyone! First Line Friday is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. I’ve seen this meme around and as someone who rarely judges books by their covers but who loooooves choosing their next book by reading the first lines, of course I want to join!

So… Let’s go! Read the first lines below and try to guess what book it is!

“When the multiverse was confirmed, the spiritual and scientific communities both counted it as evidence of their validity.
The scientists said, Look, we told you there were parallel universes.
And the spiritual said, See, we’ve always known there was more than one life.”

An outsider who can travel between worlds discovers a secret that threatens her new home and her fragile place in it, in a stunning sci-fi debut that’s both a cross-dimensional adventure and a powerful examination of identity, privilege, and belonging.

Multiverse travel is finally possible, but there’s just one catch: No one can visit a world where their counterpart is still alive. Enter Cara, whose parallel selves happen to be exceptionally good at dying—from disease, turf wars, or vendettas they couldn’t outrun. Cara’s life has been cut short on 372 worlds in total.

On this Earth, however, Cara has survived. Identified as an outlier and therefore a perfect candidate for multiverse travel, Cara is plucked from the dirt of the wastelands. Now she has a nice apartment on the lower levels of the wealthy and walled-off Wiley City. She works—and shamelessly flirts—with her enticing yet aloof handler, Dell, as the two women collect off-world data for the Eldridge Institute. She even occasionally leaves the city to visit her family in the wastes, though she struggles to feel at home in either place. So long as she can keep her head down and avoid trouble, Cara is on a sure path to citizenship and security.

But trouble finds Cara when one of her eight remaining doppelgängers dies under mysterious circumstances, plunging her into a new world with an old secret. What she discovers will connect her past and her future in ways she could have never imagined—and reveal her own role in a plot that endangers not just her world, but the entire multiverse.

Ahhhh, here comes my favourite sci-fi brand : doesn’t bore me to tears with heavy scientific details/very specific references only people way higher than me in the nerd society can get, with compelling characters who just want to belong somewhere, is that too much to ask?, that questions capitalism and power dynamics on Earth, with a very very soft touch of (sapphic!!) romance.

9 thoughts on “First Line Friday #1 – Let’s guess!

  1. Aaaah I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while! It looks super interesting. It’s funny, I actually guessed that this was the first lines of another book that I haven’t read: “How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse.” I guess it was just the title of that one and the first lines of this one, ha.
    By the way, your blog is adorable, I love the little foxes!

      1. Good to know! I sort of fell out of a sci fi phase several months ago–I just could not force myself to finish a book and had to DNF which is not something that happens often for me! But hopefully I’ll be able to pick a sci fi book up at one point…maybe this will be the one!

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