10 Favorite Books Read in January & February

Finally! January and February were amazing months because I started reading and writing reviews again 😭 If you’ve ever had a reading slump (and who haven’t?), you know how blissful it feels when it stops at last. So what were my favorite books during these two months? Fantasy novels, of course, but surprisingly, there are quite a few science-fiction books in my top ten list. Perhaps 2021 really is the year I’ll thrive with them? Let’s hope!

Before we start : I’m hosting an INTL giveaway on Twitter to win one of those amazing books (see at the end of the post for details)

But without waiting more, here are the novels that brightened the first two months of the year! For the books I didn’t review, I’ve linked to reviews written by amazing bloggers (seriously, I’m such in awe 😭).

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Now tell me, have you read any of these books? What were your favorite books in January and February?

21 thoughts on “10 Favorite Books Read in January & February

  1. Wonderful post!! 💕Welcome back! And yes, reading slumps are the worst! Cemetery Boys is on my TBR and there are so many great books on this list here! Definitely going to check A Desolation Called Peace since you loved it so much 🥰

    1. Thank you so much for reading!!! They really are, right? It’s like losing a piece of ourselves 🙁 Let me know if you read it! Have you read A Memory Called Empire (it’s the first book in the duology and I loved it too)

  2. Ah there are SO many of these I need to read!! I’ve heard incredible things about Felix Ever After and These Violent Delights, I hope I’ll love them as much as you did. I loved The Electric Heir so much as well, such an unforgettable series 😀

  3. There are so many amazing books on this list! Cemetery Boys needs to be read by me soon, oof. One of my favourites was Raybearer which was just. brilliant.

  4. I’ve read four of the ten! what a great group of books, though. also hahah I’m currently in a slump as I read your intro so yes, we hate it. but my January and February were good too! March? nooooot so much. keep kicking all the ass, babes! – H

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