Let’s Try This Game #1 – Foregone

Too many games, too little time, right? I can’t be the only one who struggles with balancing my hobbies during my free time, no? (please say it isn’t so) Besides, I’ve noticed that the first hour will often be crucial and allow me to get a sufficient feel of the game : even though I’ll keep playing for a bit, if I don’t like it then, I most likely never will – with the exception of long RPGs, maybe. So in a Down the TBR hole fashion, let’s try video games, alright?

The concept is pretty simple : I’ll play a video game from my Steam library (bought or borrowed) for 1 hour and a half max and then decide if I’ll keep it… or not.

This week I’m playing Foregone, a 2D action-platformer developed by Big Blue Bubble that was released on March 1st, 2021.

The first thing that springs to attention upon starting Foregone is its really nice – and at times gorgeous – pixel art, and I say this as someone who favors hand-drawn art 9 times out of 10. Then there’s the soundtrack, which is quite discreet but makes for a great atmosphere, and just like that, I was instantly drawn into this world, even before understanding what this “world” really entails.

As I started exploring, I was soon delighted by the fluidity of the movements and the combat mechanics – blame it on my ADHD, but if there’s something that makes me stop playing a 2D Action game, it’s when my character moves at a snail pace and hits even more slowly : I have zero patience for this, sorry (that’s why I’ll always be a short-sword/dagger girl, and never mind the dps *shrugs*). Moreover, in Foregone we can combine a melee weapon with a pistol and use several special powers, and I love the resulting flexibility.

But what are we supposed to do, you ask? Well. I can’t talk about the story – honestly, I didn’t follow it closely, and it doesn’t seem like a fundamental component to be honest (but again, I’ve only played 1 hour and a half, so I could be wrong). So far I’ve been exploring the world – and met my first boss – but there’s also a PNG – the Dispatcher – in the Outpost who offers special missions (kill a certain number of enemies before the time is up, etc). There’s a few RPG mechanics with a skill tree for which we’ll need XP blue gems, that we can farm – fairly easily – by killing enemies and completing missions assigned by the Dispatcher. Although the tree is not very big, it could be fun to play with – especially because we can also upgrade our special powers, and I’m curious to see if/how we can work on some kind of synergy with our regular skills.

Mostly though, I’ve been having fun trying different weapons and uncovering loot. I’ve yet to drop legendary items, but so far the drop rates are pretty good and I’m pleasantly surprised by the variety of the loot (mostly thanks to stats). Items can be upgraded in the Outpost in exchange of coins (several times, depending of its rarity).

So… will I keep playing Foregone?

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