My Gaming Week #1 – So, I’ve Been Dying a Lot

Welcome to my gaming week, in which I’ll ramble about the games I’ve been playing! But let’s get straight to it, alright?

– This Week’s Highlight –

Rogue Legacy 2

This week I’ve spent most of my free time getting my ass kicked in Rogue Legacy 2 and I loved it???

  • Developer/Publisher : Cellar Doors Games
  • Release date (Early Access) : 18 August, 2020
  • Genre : Rogue Lite
  • Buy it on Steam!

Back last Summer when Rogue Legacy 2 Early Access hit Steam, I bought it and… successfully forgot all about it, lol. Fast forward in February, I finally downloaded the damn game (I know, I’m a Procrastination Queen) and told myself I really ought to try it (especially after reading BiblioNyan’s post).

I’ve started it last week – Hey, that could be worse (I guess) – and then a new problem arose : I cannot stop playing. Seriously, I’m starting to think that I really need to stop telling everyone that I don’t really enjoy rogue-lite games when I’ve spent hours – days – enjoying myself with Dead Cells, Hades, and now Rogue Legacy 2. I don’t know if it’s that addictive or if it’s my hyperfocus that makes them so appealing but I’ve never enjoyed dying a lot so much???

So, what is Rogue Legacy 2 about? Those who played Rogue Legacy – I didn’t, I was in my no-playing-video-games-anymore years – won’t need this recap but for all the others, here’s this game in a nutshell : you’re trapped in an ever-changing kingdom and of course, you’re trying to escape. Every time you die, one of your randomized heirs will take over again, again and again. It could be repetitive but good news, not all is lost in death so you’ll be able to build your castle and upgrade your skills, armors and weapons little by little – even though Charon is a capitalist overlord and his exchange rates outrageous, the little shit.

At the beginning of every – randomized – run, you get the choice between three unique heirs depending on their class – 9 so far, with the March update – and their traits – from nostalgic to super fart, there are 44 of those and they absolutely will change your run. Choose wisely, and then you’re ready to go… at your own risk. Thankfully, relics you’ll find may make it easier for you to cope with the harshness of this world and if you die? Well, you’ll get to try again, isn’t that neat?

So far my favorite classes are the Ranger, the Valkyrie, the Chief and the Assassin, but really, I enjoy them all – except for the mages, for some reason they frustrate me a lot – and even though I’m definitely not very skilled, I see myself trying to beat it for days on end. I’d call it a success, wouldn’t you?

Let’s chat! Have you played Rogue Legacy 2? What are your favorite classes?

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  1. I’ve played the original Rogue Legacy and enjoyed it, so good to hear the sequel expands on the original since the concept of death and progression looks to be the same! But I also love to procastrinate so no idea when I’ll get to it haha

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