A Month in Romance #2 – March 2021

Welcome to A Month in Romance, second edition!

As I explained last month, I rarely write reviews when I read romance novels and sometimes I don’t… remember them after a while? (oops) That’s why I’ve decided that I would write a wrap-up post at the end of each month, where I’ll link to the reviews I wrote and add a few words about the books when that’s not the case.

I’ve read most of these books at the beginning of the month, and kind of ran out of romance novels to read after. April releases look so appealing however, I can’t wait!

4.5 stars
  • Act your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert – It won’t come as a surprise, I’m sure, but I adored this novel and will cherish it forever! Eve and Jacob’s story is probably my favorite of the series, and I particularly appreciated the way Talia Hibbert dealt with Malcolm’s autism. Strongly recommendedMain tropes : rivals/enemies to lovers, grump with a heart of gold, grumpy/sunshine pairing
  • Daring and the Duke by Sarah MacLean – I’m pretty sure that my love for grovel novels is unhealthy, but damn, that was A+ grovel and so so satisfying. Indeed I’ve realized along the years that I LOVE those books when they’re done well. And I mean, that makes sense? I often say how much I dislike assholes getting a HEA without doing the work-on the opposite side of the coin, we have heroes who spend an entire book making up for their past mistakes and oh my god, that’s just so sexy and it makes me so emotional. I loved how Ewan never chased Grace but respected her decisions even if they destroyed him. Her brothers, too, treated her like the intelligent human being she is and the relief and absolute contentment it made me feel is testament of how rare it is. Highly recommended to fellow lovers of this trope out thereMain trope : second chance romance (lovers to enemies to lovers)
  • The Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean : Have you ever loved a book but knew you’d never want to go through it again? Not that it matters, as Sera and Mal will haunt me forever hahahaha. There’s angsty novels and then there’s “I’ve read half of it but it was too much so I’ve waited for more than a year to read the end” angsty novels, and The Day of the Duchess is the latter, because of course it is. In the end I would have gladly given it a four stars rating, despite the frustration, the cheating (that happens in The Rogue Not Taken, three years prior) and the heartbreak, because I just love when an author does grovel right, and as she also showed in Daring and the Duke, Sarah MacLean excels at it. I had to remove a star for the epilogue though, it made me so angry. God forbids a heroine wins her HEA without children, I guess? So fucking annoying, and a missed chance at a more powerful ending in my opinion. Main trope : second chance romance (lovers to enemies to lovers)
  • The Knockout Rule by Kelly Siskind : Probably more around 2.5 stars if I’m being honest, but I feel generous today, so. There wasn’t anything bad in this romance novel, but I just found it very generic and forgettable. Many of my friends loved it, though, so you might want to give it a try! Main trope : hate to love
  • To Have and to Hoax by Martha Waters : What a waste of one of my favorite trope, sigh – read my review Main trope : second chance romance (lovers to enemies to lovers)
  • The Wedding Game by Meghan Quinn DNF – Sometimes I remember why I’m so picky when it comes to “cute and funny” romance novels, and that would be because I hate their voice more often than not. The issue with relying on humor is that it’s just subjective and honestly, I’ve tried enjoying The Wedding Game but I can’t see that happening. I’m genuinely dreading reading more, I can’t stand it, and I just don’t have the time for that. I’m so ready to forget everything about this cheesy fest, ugh – Main trope : hate to love

That’s it for today! Tell me, have you read any of these books? What were your favorite romance novels in February?

12 thoughts on “A Month in Romance #2 – March 2021

  1. I stand guilty as someone who also loves books with heroes who have to grovel throughout. 🤣 I will read Daring and the Duke as soon as I possibly can.

      1. Holy forkin shirt balls!!! I need to thank you for leading me to Daring and the Duke. It was nearly a 5 star…It was friggin great! The groveling was wonderful. That burn in the beginning…gah!!! I just finished it. I can’t thank you enough…😭 ♥️♥️♥️

  2. great reviews!! I own both of those sarah maclean novels and now want to read them both so badly!!!

    1. Thank you Hollis!! I’ve decided to do this when I realized that I didn’t remember most of the romance novels I read, especially because sometimes I forget to add them on goodreads? HR in particular, sometimes (often) I read reviews and am excited about reading one only to find out that I actually have it in my kindle and… that I’ve already read it 😂

      And yesss, Eve’s book was sooooo good, truly put me in such a good mood 🥰

      1. Oh, I absolutely do this too. Tbh I rate so many of them 3 stars, and I kinda hate writing reviews for 3 stars novels 🙈 I might write a review when I’m really pissed off / adored it, but even then I often don’t bother

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