Book Review – Pestilence by Laura Thalassa

Rating: 1 out of 5.

God, that book. The fact that I couldn’t look away is more a matter of my bewildered disgust sparring with my profound disinterest than anything else.

I’m sorry but fantasizing about boning an inhuman creature with purrfect abs while people are literally rotting a door away isn’t something I’d call romantic or even, god, sanitary? Perhaps I’m a bit over-the-top in my aversion for germs but the smell, friends, the smell alone shouldn’t make this work, should it? I tried, though. I tried really really hard to keep my heart open but even with a stethoscope, never would I have heard some kind of reaction in my chest because hey I’m pretty sure that my heart died, and I’m not saying that to be cute but more in a I’m not sure I can orgasm ever again, that shit was that gross. I understand the whole it’s the end of the world excuse but honestly it didn’t work for me at all. As far as I’m concerned the chemistry was nonexistent and by the end of the book I still do not know why these two are supposed to be in love.

Don’t misinterpret me, though, I’d have been way more interested if Pestilence hadn’t been some kind of angelic figure with shiny hair – on the contrary, as it was, his whole persona was so damn boring at the best of times that I couldn’t ignore the ways he was also a possessive asshole. At no moment did I buy into his supposedly conflicted and tortured nature because damn it, he was so bland?! I mean we met Death for no more than two pages and my heart resumed beating so suddenly that I thought I was having an attack (and Death wasn’t that interesting either). Pestilence’s declarations of love left me cold and I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t even have noticed them if not for my kindle telling me that 400+ people had highlighted them. The amount of cheese I’d be willing to eat for that dude is zero, and by the time his “redemption” came around my eyes were struggling so hard to stay open that I honestly did not care.

Considering that there was no plot whatsoever – except if you count wandering around trying not to bone someone as a plot, and I say this as someone who enjoys romance when it’s done right – and that the first-pov present tense really got on my nerves, the feeble interest Sara could create in me – she was quite great, all things considered – couldn’t redeem that book in my eyes. Not for me.

CW – death (including child death), graphic violence, abuse

10 thoughts on “Book Review – Pestilence by Laura Thalassa

  1. This post made me laugh out loud!! hahah!! Oh dear, honestly I saw this cover everywhere but already from the cover I knew it was a big no no for me. You should be proud you managed to get through this!!! Well done!!

  2. I’m kind of getting the feeling you didn’t enjoy this one. lol It sounds terrible, but I love your review! That first big paragraph had me laughing out loud, and you make a lot of really good points. It does sound gross (and super unsanitary)! 🙂

  3. yeahhhh I’ve still not managed to work up the nerve to start this series because reviews tend to swing wildly in both directions and often the points made in thw low ratings have me nodding along, so. hahah maybe one day.

  4. I’ve read this horrible book as well, so kudos to you for doing what the rest of us never want to do: spending even more braincells to review it! 😀

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