Weekly Check-in #1 – Books, Games & Life Updates

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I’ve been hesitant about posting a general weekly update on my blog but let’s face it, sometimes I just want to ramble about what I’ve been doing, and this seems perfect for that! I’ve been terrible in the past with weekly features but one can hope, right?

This week marks the come-back to yet another round of online school, which should frustrate me but mostly, I feel relieved. As a non-vaccinated Elementary teacher in France, even though last year’s online school months were long and tiring for everyone involved, I’m glad we finally closed schools again, because 1) it’s only for 3 school days – we’re officially on holidays from April 12 to April 26 – and 2) cases have been rising for 3 months now, and the situation regarding COVID doesn’t look good in France and hasn’t since November. In the end, I love my job, but I also love my family and care for my students’ health and their loved ones’ more.

What am I currently reading?

Lately I’ve been trying more audiobooks, which whom I have a very complicated relationship : on the one hand, I love listening to them and genuinely believe that great narrators can make me enjoy books I probably wouldn’t otherwise, but on the other hand, they’re really hard for me because of my adhd. Indeed you can’t imagine how much I envy y’all’s abilities to do something else than staring at the wall when listening to audiobooks : as it is, I can’t even do the dishes! For me to enjoy them, I have to dedicate ALL my attention to them and let’s face it, I often don’t have that much free time.

This being said, I’ve been listening to The Ghost Bride for 3 days now and I am in love, okay? I hear it’s rare that an author’s narration is good, but damn, I just adore Yangsze Choo’s : it’s just fantastic. Her writing is evocative, compelling, and the descriptions so vivid – I’m around 75% and listening to this novel feels like an out-of-body experience. I cannot wait to talk about it longer in my review!

What’s next?

Yesterday marked the release of several romance novels I’ve been waiting for, so I’ll probably dive into them next! Romance can be hit or miss for me so I’m curious to see if I’ll enjoy them!

What am I currently playing?

I didn’t post anything related to video games this week and the reason is : I’ve been trying to play Outriders since its release – key word being : TRYING. I won’t launch into a rant about major games unplayable on release day but, yeah. That was definitely frustrating (and still is, to some extent, even though the majority of servers-related problem seem to have been resolved). Crashes to desktop and inability to enter the damn game aside, I’ve been enjoying this dystopian third-person shooter so far, which is a surprise because I am not a FPS/TPS player at all – also: I’m terrible at them, just terrible lmao. Mostly I’ve tried it to play with my partner (who is an angel) and I’m pleasantly surprised to see that I’m enjoying myself!

That’s it for this week! I hope you’re doing great! What are you reading? Have you started any good game? Tell me all about it in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Check-in #1 – Books, Games & Life Updates

    1. Thank you! Lately they’ve been talking about mid-April, but we’ll see… Oh! I’ve never played this one but you make me want to play something on my PSP again, it’s been SO long, I’m curious to see what I’d think now!

  1. Lovely post Alienor, wishing you the best on teaching during this time! The Ghost Bride is one of my favorites and I completely agree with you Choo’s writing is so beautiful. I’m trying to get back into video games, but haven’t played much. I’d like to try out Steam games though! 💞

  2. Oooh, yeah, it’s rough when a game doesn’t feel ready on release day. I’m a lot more forgiving when it’s early access but if the game has been officially released I expect to be able to play it.

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