5 Auto-buy Authors + 5 Authors I Won’t Read Again

We all have our favorite authors, whose books we’ll instantly buy because we trust them to create a story that will carve a place in our heart… and I can’t be the only one who’s been let down one time too many and who won’t try any book from one author again, can I? (I know I’m not). Today I’m sharing my not-so-secret list (let’s face it, if you’ve been following me on Goodreads these past few years – hello!!!!! – you probably know already) of authors I adore and authors I… do not, lol.

But without further ado, let’s go!!!

For this list I’m focusing on authors I’ve read at least twice in the last 3 years, because if all my favorites enter the game, I’ll need way too many spots! Even with this caveat, it was very hard to choose, and I might have to post again in the near future! Just to say that all the authors of my favorite books aren’t there, far from it (Fonda Lee, Melina Marchetta, Yaa Gyasi, Katherine Arden, Arkady Martine, Alexis Hall, Talia Hibbert, Helen Hoang… so many). I’ve noticed when drafting my list that most of them write either SFF or Romance novels… and I love that for me, to be honest.

  • N. K. Jemisin : Her writing is brilliant, her stories so imaginative and I can’t help but fall in love with her characters. I’ll push her books down people’s throats for as long as I live. Favorite book : The Obelisk Gate
  • Megan Whalen Turner : Eugenides from her Thief’s series is probably my favorite character of all times, and I will forever reread her books with stars in my eyes. They’re special, okay? Favorite book : The King of Attolia
  • Courtney Milan : I’ve enjoyed both her contemporary and historical romances, and now I need more 😭 Favorite book : Hold Me
  • Rebecca Roanhorse : I’ve read and really enjoyed two of her books now, and it was enough for me to want to savor her stories forever. It’s just so exciting to find new authors we love, you know? Favorite book : Black Sun
  • Last but not least, Sarah Hogle : I don’t know how she does it, but she steals my heart every time and her humor is just – perfect for me. It’s rare that I find romance authors who manage to make me laugh and cry, and I’m obsessed with her books. Obsessed. I’m actually rereading You Deserve Each Other right now because Twice Shy enchanted me and as I said on Twitter, I may end on a never-ending rereading loop. I can’t wait to read everything she writes. Favorite book : You Deserve Each Other

For this list I’ll focus on authors I have read and will never try again, either because their books aren’t for me or because I cannot support them because of their behavior (or a mixture of both).

  • Jay Kristoff : the only book I’ve read from him is Nevernight, and I hated it so much that I couldn’t even finish it. I found his style very pretentious and his lack of research is truly unbearable. I’ve been on book twitter long enough to remember how he reacted when a Maori teen challenged his awful representation in Nevernight and since then, I’ve never wanted to try one of his books again. From Stormdancer to Nevernight, readers have been calling him out since 2012 and his flippant answers – when he doesn’t ignore bloggers altogether, or make fun of them – cemented my decision to never support his racist books again.
  • Judith McNaught : Once & Always was so horrific to read that I promised myself that I would never try her books again. I don’t care it’s been written in the 80′ – I can’t stand abuse romanticized – I just cannot.
  • Sarah J. Maas : I know it’s an unpopular opinion in the book blogging world but her writing and me just don’t mash. I’ve read two books from her and even though I liked one of them, in hindsight it wasn’t that good (for me anyway, not judging!). I just never get the pull to read her books. Not my cup of tea is all.
  • Victoria Aveyard : My 1 star review of Red Queen is probably one of my most-liked reviews on Goodreads, and it wasn’t that good, so I guess I’m not the only one who found her debut very cringy and unimaginative. So much girl-hate? Everywhere? Moreover – and I edited my original post because after checking again I’m not sure I can be entirely fair years later, I can’t find the convos I followed then – there was a bit of a controversy regarding Mare’s ethnicity as many readers of color found disingenuous the way Mare was first described as having “olive skin” (tone we know publishing use as a non-committal descriptor in order not to be clear about a character’s ethnicity), was white in the trailers and then described as having brown skin later. Perhaps it’s only publishing being its racist, regular self, but it left a bad taste in my mouth then – I’m always wary of white authors being wishy-washy about representation, because that’s not the representation people of color deserve. It feels like a cop-out and dismissive of the wonderful authors of color who create fabulous well-rounded diverse characters every day.
  • Rainbow Rowell : the only book I’ve tried from her is Fangirl, and I couldn’t finish it to be honest. I felt bad for a bit, given how popular her books are, but then I read reviews of Eleanor & Park pointing to the blatant racism inside and ugh, nope. Very happy to have dodged this bullet.

I’m curious! What authors are on your auto-buy list? What authors you will never read again?

28 thoughts on “5 Auto-buy Authors + 5 Authors I Won’t Read Again

  1. I have Katherine Arden on my auto-buy. Sadly, I didn’t like The Thief series that much. I would probably try another book from her though.

  2. Haha our “never read” list is almost identical! Add Cassandra Clare for me, and it’s spot on. Still don’t understand why Jay Kristoff has the following he does, his writing is yikes.

  3. I don’t always have authors on my auto-buy list, but I do have series on that that list. For example: I will buy every Murderbot book Martha Wells publishes. I will also buy copies of every Wayward Children book by Seanan McGuire. Also, you’re very right, there are other people (me included) who have “do not buy/read” lists for authors, also.

  4. Wait, she changed the etnicity of Maru? I never read anything beyond that first book and I kind of blocked out any mentions of the series haha.

  5. Oooh, cool list! I feel like my auto-buy list is probably Leigh Bardugo and Aiden Thomas and yeah I’ll probably never buy a Jay Kristoff book….I mean, the last book in the Aurora Cycle, by him and Amie Kaufman is coming out sometime this year and I enjoyed the first two but I don’t feel like I need to read the last one because I barely remember what happened in book 2 and also I just don’t want to support him, even if I get the book from the library. I don’t know, we’ll see. As for my never buy list, I guess JK Rowling’s on there now, and I’ve never read a Sarah J Maas or Cassandra Clare book but they’re books I’m sort of staying away from.

      1. Yeah, I mean she writes great books but I’m not supporting her anymore. I understand that a lot of other people are supported by her books, it’s not only her, but I just don’t feel comfortable buying stuff in which at least some of my money goes to her. Yeah, I’ve read both of Thomas’s books and I really enjoyed Cemetery Boys. Lost in the Never Woods was meh for me but I’d still buy anything from Aiden Thomas because I still really do like their books.

  6. ahh rainbow rowell and jay kristoff are also authors i never want to read again!! rebecca roanhorse and sarah hogle are both authors i really want to try, so im really glad you love them!! great post 💖

  7. oh wow, i had no idea victoria aveyard changed mare’s ethnicity later on in the books! i think i read up to glass sword but it was so long ago that i have no memory of anything that happened (and i’m guessing even with the new « poc rep » it wasn’t anything that stood out lmao). but ahh i really need to read nk jemisin! and i’ve only read black sun from rebecca roanhorse and it was SO good that i can’t wait for their future works ❤

    1. To be fair, I have checked again because several people were surprised and it happens a while ago so I doubted myself and actually, it seems that it was more a controversy around the fact that Mare’s description in the first book wasn’t very detailed and she was white in the trailers… I might have been unfair on this, because it might be just publishing being his racist regular self… I remember a lot of convos from that time on twitter, and I think that most of all people were pissed because all of a sudden she shared art with Mare having brown skin and people found it disingenuous because they felt like the representation wasn’t really there? I think that she described Mare as having “olive skin” in the first book, which was a bit vague, and brown later. She later said Mare was Latina. I don’t know. I might update that part because I don’t want people thinking that I didn’t want Mare to be a POC. Not the problem here! And yes!! OMG N.K. Jemisin’s books are SO good!! And Black Sun 😭 Truly a fantastic novel right?

      1. oh i see!! and no i totally get what you were trying to say, i feel the same way about authors who try to make representation where it isn’t initially. thanks for filling me in about that!

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