Weekly Check-in #4 – Illumicrate & Fantasy

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! It’s Wednesday again so time for a little check-in!

On Monday, schools opened again in France even though nothing has changed since we closed at the beginning of the month, really. Our third wave of covid is still very much alive, and only teachers above 55 years-old got to be vaccinated. So, yeah. It’s hard not to feel that the only thing worthy of attention is “our economy” (which will be capitalism, of course – I’m a bit tired of those euphemisms). Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see my students again, but at the same time, it’s hard to feel good when it’s obvious that our life and health don’t count.

Good news though, I finally got a subscription for Illumicrate! I’ve been terrible at catching the opportunity to enter the waitlist last year and I’m so happy that I managed to go through it this time! My first box will be the April one, and the book looks fantastic – not spoiling what I think it is, but the description alone should interest you!

Our featured book this month is a YA standalone fantasy. A blood mage, who has stayed hidden from the royal family that binds her kind to spirit guardians, accidentally reveals her powers and is thrust into the life she had managed to avoid. Desperate to escape, but not knowing who to trust and with danger lurking round every corner, she forms a reluctant alliance with her spirit guardian to save them both from an unwanted fate.

Sounds fabulous, right? I’m not sure that I’ll post unboxing posts but who knows, maybe sometimes.

What am I currently reading?

I can’t believe that The Goblin Emperor was released in 2014 and I only discovered it now (thank you so much Chaima for your tweet!!!)! After The Councillor I was eager to read more political fantasy novels and so far this one doesn’t disappoint! There’s something so satisfying in rooting for the underdog, you know? That’s why I rarely care about generic royals, to be honest. How could I when we get characters who fights not to be dismissed? Here we follow Maia, the main character, who suddenly raises to power when his Emperor father he met once dies. Faced with the racism of the Court, struggling with the remnant insecurities brought by a childhood of abuse and neglect, he has to learn how to differentiate between allies and foes, and quick. I’m only 35% in but I’m already so invested. I’m still on the fence about the way Maia’s internalized colorism is handled, though, especially because he’s a Black character written by a white author. I guess the future will say.

What’s next?

I haven’t reread these books since 2014 and they weren’t favorites but after watching the show last week – read my review here! – I’m really curious about what I’d think now! I loved The Six of Crows duology but I never dared to touch the original trilogy again, and I’m feeling brave enough to try and see if my opinion has changed. Wish me luck!

What am I currently playing?

With school starting again, I barely have any time to play so I put most of my games on pause and I came back to Outriders. I started a new character, a trickster this time. I really enjoy spending an hour fighting aliens with my partner on the evenings!

That’s it for this week! I hope you’re doing great! What are you reading? Have you started any good game? Tell me all about it in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Check-in #4 – Illumicrate & Fantasy

  1. Sounds like a good week! I hope France can manage to get this wave under control soon. It is frustrating to see how many countries are more concerned with “the economy” than the people. 🙁

  2. Yay for getting in on Illumicrate! I just recently read the Shadow and Bone books to prepare for the series. I also re-read Six of Crows duology because I had read that before. I enjoyed the Shadow and Bone books, but the SoC duology was definitely my favorite of the two.

    1. The SoC duology is so special 💕 I shall reread them again someday too! I’m very curious to see what I’d think about the Shadow and Bone books now… I know I won’t change my mind about some stuff (the limited world building for example) but I want to see if my opinions of the characters has changed!

  3. OOF, my mom is a teacher (and over 60) and she thankfully got to be vaccinated but then the government decided to shut it down a couple of weeks after she got her shot – they literally announced ON THE SAME DAY that 1) schools could reopen with 100% of the students; 2) teachers wouldn’t be vaccinated anymore LMFAO!!!! I am filled with rage on your behalf, our governments are doing everything wrong and things just don’t get better…i hope you will be able to stay safe ♥

    I am also thinking of starting s&b soon, i was scrolling through my audible app and noticed i actually have all three in that format so really it’s too tempting!

  4. I reread the main series a few years ago and while it didn’t wow me like SoC/CK, I really enjoyed it — more than I expected to. and my ship definitely changed, haha! I hope you have a great time diving back in. – H

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