The Great Series Read Project – It’s Time I Join!

Finally, after months – years? – of calling myself out in my head, I’m publicly joining this project in the hope that it will make me spring into action and actually finish series again, my god. The Great Series Read Project was started by Realms of My Mind, and the goal is to read and complete series stuck in our “I’ve read the first book(s), told myself I’d go on, and then procrastinated so much that I’ve never read the rest” limbo. Apparently, it’s a common failing among the book community, and one I’m definitely guilty of. It’s a vicious circle, too : the longer I wait, the more I fail to remember what the fuck happened in the first book, forcing me to realize that I should reread it… and that’s how I end with EVEN MORE BOOKS TO READ, which is a recipe for disaster when so many shiny new releases try – and often, succeed in – catching my attention!

Of course, I won’t include the series I’ve started and have no intention of ever finishing, either because I didn’t like the first book or because it’s been so long that I’m sure I wouldn’t like it now. To motivate myself further – and to call me out even more – I’ll mention when I’ve read the first book(s). As I’m a mood reader – which certainly doesn’t help! – I won’t commit to read a book from a series a month, as Realms of My Mind did, but I do hope that the prospect of striking series out will be enough of a motivator!

Without further ado, please click on the picture below to visit my tracker page and discover the – numerous – series I intend to finish!

Now tell me, do you take part in this kind of project? How do you track series you want to finish?

15 thoughts on “The Great Series Read Project – It’s Time I Join!

  1. I have a group of pages on my blog where I track the series I have started, finished, abandoned, or want to start. It isn’t actually prompting me to finish anything, but it is at least a way I can see how many series I have ongoing. 🙂 I should really make a bigger effort to finish the series I have started. Best of luck with your Great Series Read!

  2. I love the artwork!! It’s amazing sometimes how much just simply having a list to remind you of what you’ve started can help motivate you to keep going. It helps I’m a sucker for crossing things off. Good luck with your reading!

  3. What a mood.
    I’ve recently realized that I love to binge entire series but am also unlikely to buy an entire series if I liked the first book (always afraid the money spent might not be worth it in the end). It certainly doesn’t help me continuing in series. So yeah, I totally understand the feeling or just not reading the next book.
    I just track them on my GR shelves (unfinished, awaiting sequel and won’t continue) and sometimes despair over the uneven number distribution 😀

    If you want some help with the Murderbot series, I also have the next 3 novellas on my tbr if you want to do a buddy read.

  4. I have a tendency to jump around rather than read a complete series, so this seems like a grand idea! I haven’t read the prior books in The Worth Saga but I recently finished the most recent one ( bad considering the content of your particular post). I look forward to your thoughts on The Devil Come Courting! I cannot wait for the Bone Shard Emperor!

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