Book Review – Big Bad Wolf Series by Charlie Adhara

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
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graphic violence, death, claustrophobia, anxiety & panic attacks, PTSD, torture

Covers for all five books of the Big Bad Wolf series : The Wolf at the Door, The Wolf at Bay, Thrown to the Wolves, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Cry Wolf

This review is spoiler-free.

Just so you know, I will compare every series with an established relationship to this one, because yes, absolutely, it was that good. There’s something so exhilarating in finding a new series to be obsessed about, and it gives an even greater sense of accomplishment when we get to read all five books back to back because we’re so late to it, it’s unreal. That particular sentiment is one I haven’t felt for years — since 2014 and my entry into Goodreads, to be precise — and starting The Wolf at the Door genuinely made my week. I’m so thankful to Chaima who recommended these wonderful books to me.

So. Why should you read this series, you ask?

ONE – The compelling writing. I mean, nothing says “addictive writing” like “I’ve read all 5 books in 5 days”, right? Reading this series felt so effortless and I rooted for our resident disaster and our secretly sweet wolf from the very beginning.

Cooper tried to shift the conversation. “I don’t even know your first name.”
“That right?” Park said seriously.
Cooper waited for him to say something else. When it was obvious he wasn’t going to tell him his name, Cooper muttered, “Fuck you.” He looked out the window as Park laughed. He had a nice laugh, warm and low.

Charlie Adhara, The Wolf at the Door

TWO – The relationship’s growth is unreal and unprecedented. The Big Bad Wolf series follows Cooper and Park, two trauma survivors, while they fight and build their very own happy world and omg, it made me feel so utterly contented. It’s enemies-to-lovers m/m brilliance. The truth is, I rarely read long series in which the main couple is established in the first book because more often than not, the next books contain so much manufactured bullshit — annoying misunderstandings used to stretch the romantic angst in a way that makes me want to hit something. None of that here, which doesn’t mean that Cooper’s and Park’s journey is devoid of any obstacles — their road to happiness is absolutely bumpy, and their relationship evolve throughout the books. Yet it’s done in such a realistic and relatable way, with so much respect shown to the characters and the readers both that I couldn’t help but root for them. Truly. I adore them. Additionally, this, right here, is a PNR romance with werewolves that didn’t infuriate me, and it’s so rare, okay? I’m often so frustrated with werewolves romances because as much as I love shape-shifters, their tendency to rely on the mating concept ruin them for me. I don’t know about you, but all this mate nonsense often feels like a cop-out to me, preventing the relationship from reaching a satisfying growth — not to mention how heteronormative and sexist it often is. I won’t say that you won’t find the mate word in the Big Bad Wolf series. What I’ll say however, is that 1)they make fun of it, too and 2)again, everything’s happening so gradually that it didn’t annoy me at all. Even the sex-scenes, if numerous, never feel gratuitous. SO MUCH WIN.

“Should have known you were a cat person.”
“Why, because I don’t like you?” Cooper muttered as Park left the trailer.
Park called over his shoulder, “Because you’re an antisocial asshole.”

THREE – I’ve talked about the wonderful relationship growth, but I have to add that the characters’ growth alone is outstanding. As I mentioned earlier, both Cooper and Park are trauma survivors. I won’t say more because of spoilers, but let’s just say that their journey is believable, gradual and feels so rewarding. Following them while they learn how to accept themselves and how to build intimacy in the face of trauma is everything. Park and Coop are so well-rounded, complex characters, they feel real and distinct — their happiness brings such a big smile on my face, I can’t even.

He realized he had no idea how to end a voicemail with Park.
You’re everything to me! You’ve changed my life! I love you!
“Okay. Bye. Hope to see you soon.” He winced – Hope to see you soon? – and quickly punched end.

FOUR – The world keeps expanding in such a natural way and makes me so eager to learn more. Every book introduces its own mystery and if I definitely guessed a few twists along the way, my interest never wavered. From the secondary characters to the powers at hands, nothing feels like an afterthought. As much as I didn’t want to think that Cry Wolf spelled the end, though, I was a bit anxious because when you love a couple so much, you’re scared that a too-long series will ruin them, you know? That’s why I was so ecstatic to learn that Charlie Adhara would be writing a spin-off series centered around my favorite secondary character from Big Bad Wolf, which of course is the sarcastic disaster known as Eli. I can’t wait.

About The Wolf at the Door
Author :  Charlie Adhara | Publisher : Carina Press | Genre : PNR/Mystery Romance | Pages : 288

A former FBI agent is partnered with the enemy in this suspenseful male/male shifter romance from debut author Charlie Adhara.

Hunting for big bad wolves was never part of Agent Cooper Dayton’s plan, but a werewolf attack lands him in the carefully guarded Bureau of Special Investigations. A new case comes with a new partner: ruggedly sexy werewolf Oliver Park.

Park is an agent of The Trust, a werewolf oversight organization working to ease escalating tensions with the BSI. But as far as Cooper’s concerned, it’s failing. As they investigate a series of mysterious deaths unlike anything they’ve seen, every bone in Cooper’s body is suspicious of his new partner—even when Park proves himself as competent as he is utterly captivating.

When more people vanish, pressure to solve the case skyrockets. And though he’d resolved to keep things professional, Cooper’s friction with Park soon erupts…into a physical need that can’t be contained or controlled. But with a body count that’s rising by the day, werewolves and humans are in equal danger. If Cooper and Park don’t catch the killer soon, one—or both—of them could be the next to go.

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  1. “sarcastic disaster” omg this is classic! also let me just reiterate how excited I am you discovered and DEVOURED this series and that you’re now DEVOTED. can’t wait for more from this author and world! – H

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