Book Review – Neon Gods by Katee Robert

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Oh. So you want a sexy, entertaining and unique retelling of Hades and Persephone? Look no further.

  • Hades/Persephone retelling
  • Erotica (exhibitionism as a kink)
  • Grumpy/sunshine pairing of sorts, with the SOFTEST hero
  • bisexual main characters
  • fake dating brilliance, except it’s not really fake, is it?

Confession time : For some reason I forgot that it was erotica before starting??? I’m such a disaster omg I have to admit that it threw me off a bit in the beginning, but I’m not about to resent the book when it’s my own damn fault I didn’t check. Anyway, even though I like my romance with less sex scenes, it was emotionally satisfying, too. And honestly — a book that pulls off the amazing feat of making me enjoy a scene of public sex impresses the fuck out of me. Chapeau.

This said however, that does not mean that there’s no story because there is, and a very compelling one at that. Think Greek gods but make them mandates, most elected, some legacy titles — Zeus, Poseidon and Hades — in a world very similar to our current capitalist hell. I love that it’s strikingly different and yet instantly recognizable : from the original players — Zeus is an abusive creep, because of course he is — to the frequent references to a great variety of Greek myths, we’re thrown into a world we know… except we really don’t.

Contrary to what one might think, this blend between modern and myths was never jarring, but actually? It was perfect — and downright hilarious at times, I must add.

But let’s talk about why I rooted so hard for our bisexual faves, shall we?

  • I’ve always liked Hades because of all this *waves hands wildly* aesthetic he has going on but my god, this one might be my favorite to date. He’s such a softie, oh my god. That man perfectly embodies the tortured and lonely but secretly soft soul trope and my heart has never learned how to defend itself against them, ugh. I just can’t help but swoon whenever they finally let out a surprised laugh, you know? Yes, I absolutely am basic Hades cares so very much about his people and Persephone — He always puts her first, no matter the cost. Of course I loved him!
  • As for Persephone, she’s strong-willed, clever, surprising and I really liked her. For years she’s been hiding behind an unassertive and sunny (fake) persona to survive Olympus upper-town’s nonsense, and she grows into herself throughout the book. Following along while she did was glorious.
  • As I mentioned earlier, the sex scenes are really enjoyable, mostly because the chemistry between Hades and Persephone is off the charts. Plus the focus on consent was everything to me
  • I’m not gonna lie, they fall for each other a bit too quickly for my taste, yet I couldn’t resent them and surprisingly, it didn’t hinder my enjoyment. These two love so fiercely, they’re so protective and honestly? perfect for each other — I was cheering for them all the way.

Bottom line : Neon Gods is a very satisfying retelling of Hades and Persephone. From the fun world-building to the enjoyable romance, with the help of interesting secondary characters — the siblings dynamics between Persephone and her sisters!!! Hermes!!!! — it makes for a fun and compelling read and I can’t wait to see what Katee Robert has in store for the sequels. Finally — I can’t believe I’m saying this, but people who loved A Court of Mist and Fury but are tired of SJM’s nonsense should read this.

Content Warnings >>>

parental death, physical scars, murder, emotional abuse

About Neon Gods
Author :  Katee Robert | Publisher : Sourcebooks Casablanca | Genre : Fantasy Romance | Pages : 391

He was supposed to be a myth. But from the moment I crossed the River Styx and fell under his dark spell… he was, quite simply, mine.

Society darling Persephone Dimitriou plans to flee the ultra-modern city of Olympus and start over far from the backstabbing politics of the Thirteen Houses. But all that’s ripped away when her mother ambushes her with an engagement to Zeus, the dangerous power behind their glittering city’s dark facade.

With no options left, Persephone flees to the forbidden undercity and makes a devil’s bargain with a man she once believed a myth… a man who awakens her to a world she never knew existed.

Hades has spent his life in the shadows, and he has no intention of stepping into the light. But when he finds that Persephone can offer a little slice of the revenge he’s spent years craving, it’s all the excuse he needs to help her—for a price. Yet every breathless night spent tangled together has given Hades a taste for Persephone, and he’ll go to war with Olympus itself to keep her close…

A modern retelling of Hades and Persephone that’s as sinful as it is sweet.

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  1. AMAZING REVIEW!! 🙏🏾💕 I have been dying to get my hands on this book!! Sooo happy you enjoyed this! I love Persephone and Hades retelling and I read another book by the author which I loved! Can’t wait to read this one!

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